Sustainable Energy Solutions

Is your compressed air system optimized?

Energy costs account for more than 90% of a compressor’s life cycle cost. A compressed air system can be as much as 30-40% inefficient due to:

  • Sub-optimal operations
  • Air leakages
  • Incorrect system design
  • Oversizing

With the help of compressor specialists, Energyhive can help in reducing your compressor consumption by 15-25%


Are your motors leaking costs?

Energy costs account for more than 90% of the motor’s life cycle cost. Inefficiencies stem from repeated rewinding and use of old motors. Replacements can help save more than 15% in costs. New generation motors should be considered when:

  • Existing motors are 10 years or older
  • Existing motors have been rewound more than 3 times
  • There is considerable over sizing i.e. motor loading is never more than 60-70%

Energyhive can help with zero cost motor replacement. Savings will fund the project.


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